Shark Powerlifting

The shark lifter made it to Abilene but had for the most part a tuff day in the rack. Tyler competed in the 123 pound weight class.  He accomplished the hard task of making weight but struggled throughout the day and ended not completing a lift in the dead lift event. Cesar Jimenez competed in the 220 pound weight class.  He too struggled through the day and ended his day on the bench press with the lack of completing a bench press lift. Dominic Garcia competed in the 181 pound weight class and placed 10th 1300 pound composite. Danny Rodriguez competed in the 198 pound weight class and placed 3rd.  He hit his personal best on squat with 625 pounds, bench pressed 295 and dead lifted 520 for his best total of the year at 1440 pounds.  His last dead lift of 520 pounds was a must have lift and even though he had failed at the weight on his previous attempt Danny pulled it and put himself in a 3 way tie for 3rd in which he was the lighter body weight and won due to tie breaker being lighter body weight. 7 seniors will be graduating soon and they have left the bar high.  These seniors have had their hands in three consecutive regional championships and a State Championship.  The underclassman have some big shoes to fill.