The boys basketball team defeated the Randolph Rohawks 61-59 Tuesday night to continue their playoff run.  The next playoff game will be Friday, February 23 at the Victoria Event Center at 7:00.  Come and support these boys!!
Kaleb Mikeska, a sophomore on RoboSharks was awarded the Dean’s List Finalist. The Dean’s List is the highest honor an individual student can receive for their participation in the FIRST Robotics program. He will travel to the World Championship in April with the hopes of being named a Dean’s List student.  
The RoboSharks competed at the FTC State tournament this past Saturday and came home with the 1st place trophy and Banner. The team has advanced to the South Super Regionals in Athens, GA, March 7 - 10th. This competition consists of the top 72 teams in the Super Region which include teams from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. The students have been working very hard and have done a lot of customization to their robot and would like to thank the community for the continued support of their program.   L-R Jordan Nguyen, Griffin White, Jamie Gatica, Joe Pena, Lisa Nguyen – Co-Captain, Tyson Nguyen, Edwin Miranda, Clayton Stuhrenberg - Captain, Erin Claudon, Kaleb Mikeska, and Noah Zamarripa.  
On Valentine’s Day 2018, Palacios Power GRID came to the high school to “Fall in Love with STEM.” POWER SET prepared multiple STEM activities with Valentine’s themes, addressing everything from biology to geometry. Power GRID made glittery slime, constructed icosahedron balls out of paper, used binary code to create messages with beads, extracted DNA from strawberries, and competed to see who could build the tallest heart candy tower. This event focused on continuing to build the mentoring relationship between POWER SET and Power GRID, as well as providing an opportunity for the members to explore math and science in engaging ways.
The Palacios powerlifters competed In Tidehaven this past Saturday. Girls individual results Lizbeth Figueroa  placed 9th in the 148 pound weight class with a 420 pound composite. Johana Serreto  placed 6th in the 148 pound weight class with a 505 pound composite. Kimberlyn Jaime placed 7th in the 165 pound weight class with a 430 pound composite. Lorena Loveya  placed 8th in the 181 pound weight class with a 400 pound composite. Kimberly Jaime 8th in the 165 pound weight class with a 415 pound composite. These freshmen girls did a great job and showed a lot of improvement. The girls last meet will be February 17 at Bay City.   Boys individual results Miguel Sanchez  placed 5th in the 148 pound weight class with a 805 pound composite. Nathan Nguyen placed 4th  in the 181 pound weight class with a 740 pound composite. Ellian Perez  placed 7th in the 242 pound weight class with a 685 pound composite. Ethan Carr placed 5th in the 242 pound weight class with a 995 pound composite Da Wayne Haynes placed 4th  in the SHW pound weight class with a 905 pound composite. Da Wayne also received the Outstanding Dynamic lifter award. These young men also showed a lot of improvement. The boys next meet will be February 24 at Victoria West.
Palacios hosted the South League Championship on Saturday, Jan 27 in the Palacios Secondary Cafeteria. After playing qualifying rounds, the RoboSharks were ranked 1st and had only lost 1 out of 15 rounds. The CyberSharks were ranked 8th and the Bionic Sharks were ranked 11th. The top four teams chose their alliance partners. RoboSharks had the first pick and choose to align themselves with the DeceptiCats from Bay City. The CyberSharks were selected to be a part of the 4th seed alliance and the Bionic Sharks were chosen to be a part of the 2nd seed alliance.   The RoboSharks and their alliance & the Bionic Sharks and their alliance made it to the finals. The RoboSharks ended up winning their matches 154 – 24 & 152 – 64.   For the judges awards the teams won or were nominated for the following awards: RoboSharks 4641
  • 1st place South League Championship Winning Alliance Captain
  • 1st Place Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
  • 3rd place Inspire Award
  • 2nd place Motivate Award
CyberSharks 6510
  • 1st Place Think Award
  • 2nd place Inspire Award
  • 2nd place Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
Bionic Sharks 11826
  • 1st Place Motivate Award
  • 2nd place South League Championship Finalist Alliance First Pick
  All three teams have qualified for the SE TX Regional Competition in Pasadena on Feb 17th.
Palacios WIT took of tour of Texas State Technical College at Fort Bend on Thursday, January 25th. They were able to learn about four different programs that are offered by TSTC – Robotics, Environmental Technology, Electrical Power and Controls & Electrical Line Workers. During the Environmental Technology demonstration, students were able to suit up in the protective gear that workers use on the job.   WIT students were able to interact with college students there were going through the different programs and ask questions. They also learned about the admissions process in order to go to school at TSTC.  
Palacios High School WIT students traveled to the University of Texas at Austin where they were able to go through the famous Computer Science program and learn about the different options for degrees and what the program has to offer. They were given a tour of the Gates Computer Science Complex and were able to talk to current students about the program.   After making their way through the Computer Science department, they also toured the Visualization Laboratory (Vislab) at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) on campus. The TACC Vislab is a state-of-the-art facility where staff explores the intersection between human perception and large-scale visual analysis through the study of visualization and interactive displays. The Vislab serves as a research hub for human-computer interaction, tiled display software development, and visualization consulting. Students were able to interact with and use visualization, interaction and computational resources for the exploration and presentation of data.   Photo taken outside University of Texas Library Back L-R – Clayton Stuhrenberg, Steven Phan, Joe Pena, Tyson Nguyen, Justin Vu, Jordan Nguyen. Middle Row L-R – Salvador Carrillo, Erin Claudon, Elizabeth Mancera, Daniel Zamora, Samantha Hernandez, Jonathan Segovia, Elizabeth Ortiz, Brenda Mancera, Trey Durio, Tim Kessler, Morgan Segovia, Noah Zamarripa, Jamie Gatica, Jackson Engle Front Row L-R – Alyssa Acosta, Hannah Tran, Shelby Wilson, Alli Loftin, Hailey Fuentes, Samantha Garcia, Alondra Rubio, Jannifer Le, Brooke Carpenter.
On Saturday, January 13, PHS participated in the El Campo UIL Invitational Academic meet.  The students did a wonderful job and PHS was the small school Sweepstakes trophy.  Good job UIL coaches and students.   El Campo UIL Invitational     Computer Science--1st place team Clayton Stuhrenberg—2nd Jackson Engel—3rd Lisa Nguyen—4th Joe Pena—5th   Number Sense – 1st Place Team Joe Pena – 2nd Huyen Ha – 4th   Mathematics:    Rachel White – 5th Lili Vu – 6th   Calculator Applications – 2nd Place Team Kayla Vu – 2nd   Senior Prose: Brenda Mancera-- 5th   CX debate: Kaitlyn and Kelsey Marroquin--3rd   Extemporaneous Speaking and LD Debate:            Lauren Post Advanced to semi-finals   Headline Writing: Bailey Grones--4th Montserrat Garcia--5th   Ready Writing Kaitlyn Marroquin--3rd     News Writing: Christy Ferretiz – 4th   Feature Writing: Kaitlyn Marroquin – 2nd Christy Ferretiz – 4th Milca Rodriguez – 6th   Editorial Writing: Montserrat Garcia – 4th Milca Rodriguez –6th   Computer Applications:  David Le—1st Montserrat Garcia—6th   Accounting:  Jonathan Segovia—2nd   Science—1st Place Team Lili Vu—Top Individual Lili Vu—Top Biology Tyson Nguyen— Biology--2nd      Social Studies Tim Kessler—2nd   Literary Criticism--1st Place Team Sara Tran--3rd Rachel White--5th Montserrat Garcia--6th
On Jan. 18, Tenaris presented Salvador Carrillo, a senior at Palacios High School in Texas, with the 2018 Tenaris Student of the Year award at the annual Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture Banquet. The award includes a college scholarship of up to $60,000 over four years as an undergraduate student. Congratulations Sal!!  PHS is so proud of you!!