District UIL Results

This past week, 45 students from Palacios High School competed in the District 28AAA Academic UIL meet over the course of 3 days. Please congratulate these students for their academic success. Results are as follows: Current Events: 1st Place Team -Karina Garcia-1st Individual -Jackson Engel-4th Individual -Tim Kessler -Garrison Kelley Computer Applications: -Montserrat Garcia-4th Computer Science: 1st Place Team -Tim Nguyen- 1st Individual -Krystal Figueroa- 2nd Individual -Clayton Stuhrenberg- 3rd Individual -JJ Figueroa- 4th Individual District Journalism Champions (this means we beat our rivals, Industrial) (Audry Kessler, Milca Rodriguez, Brittany Guerrero, Kaitlyn Marroquin, Brook Wright, Jake Carr, Steven Nevarez, Brooke Potts) Editorial Writing: -Audry Kessler-4th -Brittany Guerrero-5th Feature Writing: -Aurdy Kessler-1st -Milca Rodriguez-4th Headline Writing: -Steven Nevarez-2nd -Jake Carr-5th News Writing: -Audry Kessler-2nd -Brooke Wright-4th -Brittany Guerrero-5th Informative Speaking: -Thomas Garcia-2nd Lincoln-Douglas Debate: -Brooke Potts-2nd Literary Criticism: -Steven Nevarez-5th Number Sense: -Daniel Castanon-6th Persuasive Speaking: -Brooke Potts-3rd Prose: -Brenda Mancera-2nd Ready Writing: -Kaitlyn Marroquin-4th Overall Science: 2nd Place Team -Krystal Figueroa: 3rd Individual -Mady Ferretiz -JJ Figueroa -Karina Garcia -Tyson Nguyen -Lili Vu Social Studies: 1st Place Team -Karina Garcia-2nd Individual -Jackson Engel-3rd Individual -Tim Kessler-4th Individual -Garrison Kelley *Attached are some of the students who placed at the District Competition. We have 13 students who move on to compete in multiple events at the Region Competition next weekend. From Left to Right: Daniel Castanon, Tim Kessler, Karina Garcia, Clayton Stuhrenberg, Krystal Figueroa, Kaitlyn Marroquin, Brenda Mancera, Montserrat Garcia, Tim Nguyen, Audry Kessler, Chasity Nguyen, Jake Carr, Tim Nguyen, and Jackson Engel